Bicycle Accidents


When you are out taking a bicycle ride, you naturally expect other riders and drivers to abide by traffic rules and drive carefully to avoid hurting others. One driver’s negligence can cost people their lives. If you have been a victim of a bicycle accident, you are entitled to compensation for your suffering and financial losses. Having the assistance of Attorney Michael P. D’Amico, an experienced bicycle accident attorney, is invaluable in this process.

In collisions with automobiles, bicyclists can be seriously harmed with life-threatening injuries such as lacerations, broken bones, permanent scarring, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries, oftentimes leading to lifelong disabilities.

Because a bicycle collision can result in life-altering injuries, financial losses, and emotional trauma, you can file a claim seeking compensation for your pain and losses.

Bicycle accidents may be the result of a negligent act such as:

  • Opening a car door unexpectantly
  • Being rear-ended by another vehicle
  • Being chased by a dog
  • Poorly constructed roads
  • Vehicles that make sudden turns without an indicator
  • Being side-swiped by another vehicle
  • Colliding with an object in the wrong place
  • Colliding with an illegally parked car

What to Do After a Bike Accident

As with any accident, the priority is getting immediate medical help. If possible, take photos of the accident scene and make note of the time of day, weather and roadway conditions, and any other details you can remember. Bicycle accident cases should be handled by an experienced attorney like Attorney Michael P. D’Amico. We can help recover compensation for your pain and suffering and financial losses. We will:

  • Recreate the scene of accident
  • Gather witness statements and evidence
  • Review police and accident reports
  • Investigate the driving record of the negligent party
  • Document any damages to the vehicle
  • Analyze medical records
  • Determine fault and causation

Bicycle Accident Claims

We will attempt to prove that:

  • The other driver was negligent and did not act in a reasonable manner
  • The ‘at fault’ driver breached the duty of care toward other motorists
  • The breach resulted in the accident
  • You suffered injuries as a result of the other party’s negligence


If you have received serious injuries from a bicycle accident, you may file a claim against the other party for:

  • Current and future medical expenses including, but not limited, to diagnosis and treatment costs, medication costs, and rehabilitation
  • Compensation for the physical and mental suffering caused by the accident
  • Lost wages if your injuries prevent you from returning to work

Attorney Michael P. D’Amico, Connecticut’s premier personal injury attorney, will help you file a claim for injuries sustained in a bicycle accident. The law gives bicycle riders the same rights as motorized vehicle drivers. Contact us for an initial consultation at no cost at 203-824-2969 to discuss your case. D’Amico Law LLC works hard to help our clients receive the maximum compensation they deserve.

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